Self-paced and fun classes that you can easily follow and do in your own time. Online units suited for you when it suits you.

Self-paced Online Dutch Courses to learn Dutch the fun way

This approach helps you to learn Dutch when you might not have the time or budget to learn Dutch with me as your teacher. Even though I won’t be seeing you in live classes, my online courses are set up in such a way that it still feels like you have Dutch classes. As a teacher and life coach, I know the most common pitfalls in learning a language and address these in the courses so you can learn Dutch the fun, easy and best way.

This approach is for you if you:

☑ want to learn in your own time
☑ want to learn in your own pace
☑ want to set foot into the basics of learning Dutch on your own
☑ want to do an online course that is fun and easy to do
☑ want a course that is exciting and engaging
☑ have a small budget but still want to learn Dutch

Complete Dutch Beginner Course

If you are just starting to learn Dutch, it can be a bit overwhelming. Not knowing what to say, learn the words and engage well in a daily conversation. 

This complete course is build to make you speak in public with confidence, understanding Dutchies and participate actively in conversations. 

This is a self-paced course, but does include 8 Live Group Zoom lessons with me & 8 Conversations Lessons. For more info and to enrol: The Complete Dutch Beginner Course.

Pronunciation Project Course

Trouble saying the terrifying ‘G’? The rolling ‘R’ or how do you even say ‘ui’? Some sounds are not the easiest to say. But help is coming! This pronunication course is designed by you and for you.
After working with many students I’ve included the most common pitfalls in pronuncing Dutch words and included them in easy, fun and engaging ways, so that you get excited to speak Dutch. From feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, you will feel confident and excited to speak Dutch AND say the letters and sounds right. 

NOW FOR AUD$ 150,- 

Short Term Classes

  • AUD$ 70,- per class
  • Weekly, hourly classes
  • Set amount of classes to work on your goal
  • Ideal before a trip to the Netherlands, a pick me up or to prep for a test or job interview.
  • Including all material and lessons personally tailored to your learning goals.

Long Term Classes

  • Now for AUD$ 780,- (instead of $840) for 12 weeks 
  • Weekly, hourly classes for 12 weeks and longer
  • Everything included in short term classes
  • Paid in full or payment plan.
  • Ideal for improving Dutch on the long term and growing your profiency levels.

Interested in the Pronunciation Project Course?

I believe that everyone can learn to speak Dutch. Even though some sounds might not be spoken in your language, you are able to learn and say them through this course. All the letters, sounds and options are easily explained and you will be able to say them all!


The Project Pronunciation course has literally every sound and letter combination that we have in Dutch. Aside from our 26 letters, there are over 40 other sounds and vowel combinations.
Not only will you learn them with fun, easy to remember explainations, you will also learn new words in a video version. Aside from this complete set, there are also audio exercises and workbooks, so you can put your newly learned knowledge immediately into practice. 

This course is for you if you still struggle to learn to say certain letters. It is for you when you don’t know how to say the G or the UI and you don’t know why. This course is for you when you get frustrated by not getting or mispronouncing Dutch words and sentences. And it is for you when you want an easy to understand explaination and tips, as well as having fun whilst learning it. 

The video course contains over 2 hours of material that you can listen to, practice and rehearse. Including practicing and doing the workbooks and audio exercises, you’ll need to put aside at least five hours to complete this course. 

Once you’ve completed this course, you are ready to dive deeper in the Dutch language. This can consist of extending your vocabulary through Duolingo for example, or deepen your understanding of the Dutch language structure through grammar and conversation skills. That is where I come in, as I will help you to understand and speak Dutch confidently through an easy to grasp grammar base and a fun way of learning words. Interested? Apply or enquire about my Private and Group classes. 

This is the only course that has all the sounds and possibilities in Dutch for you to learn. It is the full edition and it is yours to keep! That means that you have always the opportunity to look it over, practice more and do more exercises. This will be the base for understanding each sound and never be confused in how you have to say a Dutch word. It is clear, easy to understand and a lot of fun!

The course is split up into the letters of the alphabet. Within each section I will teach you every possibility of how to say a certain lettercombo and in different situations. There are also a few seperate videos explaining the dipthongs (double vowel combinations). You can listen to the video first, then practice on your own and with the audio, to then do the workbook exercises. If the answers are correct, you’ll know you’ve mastered the right pronunciation!

I believe learning is a gift that lasts a lifetime and that learning is fun and without tension. Creating a timespan can add tension and to remove that, this course will be yours for a lifetime! 
Progression comes by taking action, so it is helpful to set aside some time in your calendar to complete this course. Actually planning it, is half the work!

At this moment, the Pronunciation Project course is the only one available. There will be Beginner, Intermediate and Conversation classes coming in the future. Join my newsletter to be the first to know about this. Alternatively, feel free to join my Private and Group classes to get your Dutch journey started!

Not sure how to pronounce each letter and sound in dutch?

Start your journey with this pronounciation sheet that will show you every letter & sound we have in Dutch, including how to phonetically pronounce it and words to learn. 

“I can highly recommend Joyce as a Dutch teacher- she is AMAZING and super patient.“


Learn Dutch with Joyce

Yes, I want to do the pronunciation course

Starting out with Dutch and overwhelmed by all the new sounds and letters? Get them all right with the Pronunciation Project Course.

I want to do private 1:1 classes!

Perfect! Fill out the intake form and I will get back to you as soon as possible so we can get your classes started!

I would like to learn in a group

Join small group classes (beginner to intermediate) and learn Dutch with others. Speak in a safe environment with like minded people.

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