Don't let learning Dutch limit you

Discover a structured way of learning, get a grip on your Dutch and boost your language skills.

It's time for an engaging and consistent way to stay connected with your Dutch

If you don't keep up your practice with Dutch...

Then you probably never will be fluent in Dutch, have extensive conversations or get a grip on the Dutch grammar. It’s like wanting to be in a better shape, but then never work out. You have to exercise your body to become fit. Just like you have to exercise your mind to become better at Dutch.

I’ve always loved learning and languages. I’ve always wanted to learn them and I am good at them too. Yet, I am surrounded by people who proclaim that learning a language is hard. That they never get their head around Dutch, that they just don’t have enough time to learn it and that they doubt themselves if they ever will progress. 

And I get it. When I am with my partner’s family and they speak very fast with hundreds of words coming my way, wondering why they now say this, when I learned something else before; I would run away too. There was even a point where I would say: I’ll just give up. It is too hard to learn anyways. We can speak English instead. 

But that’s where I was wrong. Even though family members could speak English, their mothertongue wasn’t and they would go back to it. I had the idea that I had to put in hours of learning to get a grip on the language. Thoughts like “I will never be able to have a conversation with them”, “What’s the point”, and “why is this so hard” were continously on my mind. 

These thoughts completely stopped my progress in learning a language. 

The main part of your frustrations and blockages of learning Dutch are due to limited beliefs.

Maybe you recognize this:

You are convinced that learning Dutch is hard and takes a long time.

You base your progress on whatever you know and learned so far. 

When looking at your diary, there is never a marked spot for learning Dutch.

Having conversations you find difficult, because you switch back to Dutch or don’t have anyone to practice with. 

You think learning Dutch is too time-consuming and frustrating.

You are convinced that you will never properly understand Dutch.

Your ability to learn a language like Dutch should be a tool to have a deeper connection with your family and culture.

A Dutch learner with the right, strong learning skills:

– Is focused on their progress and growth. 

– Has clear goals on what they want to achieve and experiences peace instead of stress.

– Doesn’t put their head down, but is optimistic.

– Doesn’t limit their Dutch based on fear and frustration.

– Has created routines and habits to improve Dutch on a daily base. 

– Constantly discovers new and better ways to understand Dutch.

– Is open to learning and seeing patterns.

Everything changed when I realised this one thing.

My frustrations and insecurities disappeared when I realised this was blocking me to progress in learning languages. I went back to my childhood and discovered the difference between my classmates who hated languages and found them hard and me where language learning seemed to easy. I had the curiosity and motivation to learn it, instead of drilling all the vocabulary, I saw patterns to memorize words better, and most of all I had fun learning languages.

That combination became my new habit for learning languages, and the heart for teaching Dutch to my students. I found the joy back into learning, made immense progress and even when I hadn’t spoken the language for a while, I would pick it up very quickly. 

Practicing it on a routine basis became easy, I love speaking the language of locals, I am not afraid to make mistakes and I have great ways to learn new words and understand the grammar. But most of all, I had the help and guidance of native teachers who can help me to truly understand the language, the real way of speaking and their culture. 

That is how you actually learn Dutch and that is what you will be working on in this membership.  

A Daily Dose of Dutch the Membership is for you if:

– You keep making the same mistakes when speaking Dutch.

– You never seem to have enough time to practice or speak Dutch.

– You notice that you think learning Dutch is too hard and you can’t seem to wrap your head around it.


– Want more guidance from a teacher helping you to speak and understand Dutch with confidence.

– Want to have a learning plan that will actually get you to the next level.

– Have great habits in place that unlock confidence, motivation and peacefulness around learning Dutch.  

This is what you will do in the membership:

  1. Each month you will receive new lessons, challenges and real-life Dutch topics, based on what you struggle with the most. 
  2. You will plan and watch the videos and audios to learn new techniques, motivation and extend your speaking and listening skills. 
  3. You will practice your learnings in the exercises that include personalised feedback and golden nuggets to help you progress.
  4. You implement it in your daily lifeby using your skills and mindset and learn more Dutch. 
  5. You create a new, fun and easy way of learning and consistent practice that makes improving Dutch fun and doable. 

As seen in:

"To be able to successfully hold conversations in The Netherlands without it breaking into English. I am definitely able to say now that I can "speak Dutch". This was my goal and it is the foothold I needed before moving."
Student with Dutch partner
"I really like Joyce's classes. They're helpful and fun and she explains things to me very easily. I mostly struggle with the sentence structure, and this has improved so much since starting with Joyce."
Student with Dutch partner
"Joyce makes her classes really structured and easy for me to follow. It just makes sense. I can ask her anything and she will easily explain them to me. She has great patience and helps me to feel at ease in her classes when I find things difficult."
Student with Dutch heritage
"I think what you have done so far has really made a difference, I speak more Dutch with my partner thanks to the classes with you :). Thank you so much for your patience! You're doing a wonderful job as my Dutch teacher."
Student with Dutch partner
"I am very impressed with your lesson style. I was a bit shy in the live lessons, but I really enjoyed it and hopefully I get more confident each lesson."
Student with Dutch partner
"I truly love Joyce's classes. I do find it hard to practice enough Dutch as well as having someone to speak with, but her portal with lessons are so much fun and easy to follow. I really feel I've improved."
Student with Dutch heritage

The effect of having monthly, guided and structured lessons?

If you spend your time thinking you want to learn Dutch, but thinking that it is too hard or it takes to learn, then you will never reach the next level.
A consistent way of learning that is fun, with a strong mindset and that suits your lifestyle does. 

And a structured way of learning with the guidance of a teacher who helps you progress offers endless possibilities. 

Discover a new way of learning Dutch, have a teacher by your side to track your progress and finally, consistently improve your Dutch.

In the Dutch Membership, you'll find:

Interactive Video Lessons​

Just like my students are used of me, these are video classes of high quality with visual aids and pleasing content so you can learn Dutch the fun way. The videos are sorted on category (grammar, verbs, vocabulary, etc.) and are also diverted in the different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2).

Audio Tracks on Repeat

One of the hardest things is listening. Us Dutchies can speak quite quickly and we have different accents, so it is really good to familiarize yourself in listening more Dutch. Listen to them as much as you want and you can even slow them down if you need to!

Exercises for listening, speaking, reading & writing

After each video lesson you will be able to practice many engaging exercises to really upskill your Dutch!

Private Community

Practice makes perfect! Be part of a private community where you can practice and connect with like-minded Dutch learners, ask questions, receive feedback, share your progress, encourage others and practice with others. The best way to practice more Dutch!

New lessons every month

Each month a new lesson block will be released with many videos, audio tracks, exercises, games, vocabulary lists and much more! With the library growing and growing, there is always something new to learn and get your Daily Dose of Dutch!

1:1 Tutoring

Maybe you would like some extra support, getting deep on a certain topic or grammar. Practice for your 'inburgeringscursus', your visit to the Netherlands or to connect more with your family. Simply book a 1:1 lesson with your certified teacher. Not included in the price!

Interactive Quizzes & Games

Because who doesn't love a good quiz or game?! These games really help you to nail your newly learned content and improve your Dutch to the next level and test yourself. It is also a good way to engage in the language when you don't necessarily feel like an actual lesson.

Amazing Learning Tips​

As I am a teacher as well as a life coach, you will find amazing tips to improve your learning skills, so you can build on making better brain connections and learn Dutch faster and better!

Coming Soon

In your Membership:

Q&A Gatherings

Live sessions with me, where you can ask your questions, practice with each other and make the most out of your classes in this membership. Q&A will be monthly and included as long as you are a member.

Practice Tests & Downloads

Curious to learn what level you are currently at and how you've improved? Practice these exams so you have a better idea of what to expect on your Inburgeringscursus, High School tests and much more!

Movies & TV shows

Watch Dutch tv shows with interactive subtitles to develop your listening and vocabulary skills and improve on your Dutch accent. These are especially made for the membership.

Questions you may have:

The membership is currently $20AUD a month or $220AUD a year (one month free!). As more and more lessons and features will come into the Membership Library, the price will increase over time. My suggestion is to join now while you can to enjoy Dutch lessons at this very low rate! You will have way more content and exercises than following a group lesson and you pay less too!

Note: if you are a current student of mine and want to join the Membership, email me for an extra discount to support your studying! 

This membership is for everyone who wants to improve their Dutch and is on A1 level or above. From A0 to A1 level, you might want to try my Dutch Beginner Course first! Why this is for you:
– You want easy to learn lessons and practice in your own time
– You want answers to the many questions you have and really nail your Dutch. 
– You want to have one platform where you can always go to to practice and improve at a continous rate
– You want to have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and in your own time, but also have LIVE help and feedback from a teacher who holds you accountable in the meantime. 
– You want to be able to practice with a certified teacher where you can learn to speak Dutch in a safe environment. 
– You want to have high quality classes with an interactive and joyful teacher who makes language learning fun!

The membership officially opens on July 1, 2023. At this date you will receive 8 different lessons, plus many exercises, audio tracks, games and quizzes that you can practice with that month. Every 1st of the month you will receive an email to gain access to new material. You can always retake lessons and exercises and enjoy the bonuses and tips that will accumulate in the membership.

This membership contains interactive and visually attractive video lessons that aid your Dutch lessons. These are full lessons and exercises you can do on your own. You can also practice with others on what you have learned. These lessons are based on commons difficulties, questions of the week and many other things that you and other students really need to become an authentic Dutch speaker! Every month you will receive an email to get access to new content. This will be in the same section so you can easily see what is new for you that month. Then it will be stored in the specific categories so you can practice and learn whenever you please. 

The golden rule is: the more you practice, the better you will get. Ideally you want to spend some time every day to get used to the language. That may mean playing one game, watching one video, learning some new words. I also understand that we are all busy. I suggest you plan in at least 1 to 2 hours a week in your diary to spend on your Membership lessons. 

Most of the course is self-paced and you can go through all the material whenever you please. However, there will be live Q&A sessions in the near future where you can practice your Dutch live with me and ask any questions that you have. 

The membership is on a monthly or yearly subscription base. As long as you are subscribed, you will have access to the content and lessons. The subscription will automatically renew, but you can cancel your subscription at any time before your month or year ends. 

Yes I do! You can book in a private lesson at any time you feel you want and need more practice. Have a look in the introduction section to book in your 1:1 lesson with me. 

YES!! How good is that? The price is shown in AUD dollar, and the system will automatically convert your local currency in the exchange rate of that day when using a debit or credit card when you make your purchase. 

Of course! What a great idea of you! 

To buy this as a gift or buy the course for someone else, you can do the following: 
1. Purchase through the button below and adding the credentials of the person that the course is for. 
2. You can send me an email with your request and adding ‘Dutch Membership Gift’ as your subject line. I will then set up an account for the nominated person. 

I have been teaching many happy students for over 5 years. As a polyglot myself, I know and understand the struggles of learning a language. On top of that, I am a certified teacher and life coach. I know everything about mindset and the way the brain works. This all combined together, I’ve found the perfect formula to learn a language. 

On top of that, I truly believe in making learning as easy and as fun as possible. Students who work with me know this and love this most about me. They love my jokes, making the material relatable, my great tips and tricks, my enthusiasm and most of all my patience. 

I teach Dutch, because I love languages and culture. Because I am patriotic and love my background. But most of all because I love helping people and am a great teacher and guide to help you see the structure of the Dutch language and become better at your own practice every day. This course is unlike every other course you’ve seen. It’s complete, it’s fun, it’s understandable. 

Are you ready to bring your Dutch to the next level?

Why Choose Dutch with Joyce:

Native Dutch Speaker​

I am a native Dutch speaker, ensuring an authentic learning experience. I not only know how to speak the language, but I am a patriot at heart, ready to immerse you with the utter most Dutch phrases and culture.

Certified Dutch Teacher

With over 5 years of experience, I bring the expertise needed to guide you. Speaking a language is one, having the patience & ability to teach a language in a fun manner is second. That is what I do best.

ICF Life Coach

My holistic approach addresses mindset challenges, helping you build confidence and motivation. I have studied and researched how our mind works and learns and created a language learning system.


I focus on tangible results, helping you achieve language fluency and a deeper connection with Dutch culture. Learning with me is so much more than knowing words, it's a new way of living.

Hoi, ik ben Joyce!

As a native Dutchie, born and bred in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, having lived in 3 countries and polyglot of knowing more than 8 languages,  it’s not a surprising fact that I love languages and culture. I have been teaching for over 5 years and taught over 300 students, mostly in Australia. From kids to adults, from face to face to online and from beginners to advanced; I am that lucky person who has the opportunity to teach many students to become fluent in Dutch.

And I am going to help you too!

Exactly in the way you know best of me: 100% fun, understandable, personal and in a way that you get is AND remember it. I will teach you the basics of Dutch in such a way that it will give you lightbulb moments straight away with amazing anologies and tips. The result? You are able to happily express yourself in Dutch in daily and authentic conversations. 

This is my method to help my current students ease into Dutch and embrace their inner Dutchie so that they feel comfortable having real conversations without shutting down. That’s why I created this course. To reach and help more people this way. To study at your own pace in your own safe space, and being able to practice with me and the community at the same time. 

My focus: to make learning learning fun and easy so that you feel the drive and motivation to keep learning, be excited to practice and be proud and confident of yourself of all the progress and accomplishments you have made. 

To just motivate you to do it! Not get overwhelmed, procrastinate and then stop. Begin (with the help of me) to learn Dutch now!

What will I learn and do in this membership?

A Daily Dose of Dutch says it all: on a daily base, you will embrace and improve your Dutch so you can finally get your Dutch to the next level. 

You can expect this:

– New lessons every month based on what you want to improve most on.
– Clear explanations and interactive video lessons by a certified, native Dutch teacher.
– Fun and proven exercises including personal feedback and tips on where you need to focus on more. 
– Learning and mindset tips to stay motivated. 
– Learning tools to work on your mindset and make Dutch a habit. 
– Challenges to have even more fun with Dutch!
– Exams and manual reviews that you get personal feedback from by me and the team!
– Learn in a way that you’ve never learned before!

The Membership is a short cut

You can, just like me and many others, study on your own for hours. 
Go through YouTube videos, scroll on Instagram and watch endless videos. Have group lessons that go way too quickly for you or you feel like you haven’t learned a thing. Ask Mr. Google everything, but yet not quite getting it. Hoping that somehow you will speak Dutch. 

Or you start with A Daily Dose of Dutch right now and use my short cut. Everything that you need to know about learning Dutch will be in this membership. Explanations, exercises, teacher videos and my personal guidance. Everything that I as a Dutch teacher and coach have learned over the years and tested with hundreds of students is in here. 

Build your Dutch level on your own, but with me right by your side so that you stay motivated and consistent throughout your journey, but learn the things that matter the most. 

Your Membership Options:

Monthly Membership

Every month freshly new, fun lessons, exercises and games designed for the most common questions from Dutch students.
Automatically renews every month.

Yearly Membership

The same membership, the same lessons, but ONE month for free! For those Dutch students who are truly dedicated to improve their Dutch.
Automatically renews every year.

IDeal Payments

The OG Monthly Membership for my European Students who would like to pay in Euro and with IDeal. Requested by you, made for you!
Automatically renews every month.

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