Learn with joy & improve your Dutch with confidence

If you are here, then you have an interest in learning Dutch. There is a spark in you that wants to start or improve your Dutch. And I can see you think:

1. Am I capable of learning and being fluent in Dutch? 
2. I have tried so many things like Duolingo, but I just can’t seem to get it. 
3. It takes too much time to learn a language like Dutch. 
4. Is it that valuable to have a teacher or can I just learn it myself online? 

I recognise these thoughts. These were also thoughts that I had when I started to learn languages. And I am sure that many others have these exact same thoughts. 

And just like you wouldn’t compare learning to ride a bike to riding a car, even though there are vehicles, we also cannot compare English (or any other language) to Dutch. Once you embrace that idea, you will look at learning a language like dutch in a whole new way. This is how I got from just having Dutch as my mother language, to learning and knowing 8 languages today. 

And I can help you to improve your Dutch too. Because I know and see where you are now and I know what you are capable of improving in your Dutch. In my classes I inspire you and I have all the answers to the questions that you have, easily and understandbly explained, so that you can put your new knowledge into practice straight away. I’ll take you behind the scenes and tell you who the Dutch language really works, so that it makes sense to you

Yes, you can learn Dutch yourself, but imagine how much easier and quicker you improve and how much more value you get by working together with a teacher? If I and all of my students can do it, so can you!

How you can learn Dutch today & for FREE!

Test your Dutch Level Quiz

In just 30 questions you can test how well you are doing on improving your Dutch. This helps to determine your base point and where to go next (including some amazing tips!)

Pronunciation Sheet

Download this Pronunciation Sheet to have all the Dutch sounds (and exceptions!) in 1 overview. In this way, speaking becomes way easier!

Dutch Sentence Structure Masterclass

In this FREE Masterclass you will learn, understand and practice the Dutch sentence structure. After the class, you will understand how it works and be way better at it!

How I can help you improve your Dutch

Learning Dutch is something that you want help with. No matter your level, there is always help for you! You may want to have 1:1 classes, group classes based on your level or choose the self study courses (with interactive classes from me). Not sure what level you are? Do this quiz to have a better idea or contact me. 

1:1 Classes

With these classes you work just with me (or with a friend or sibling) to improve your Dutch on your level. Ideal if you prefer to practice more in class, have specific goals or just enjoy to focus on your own growth.


In this monthly Membership, this is perfect to  improve your Dutch on your own or as a top up on your regular classes. With my lessons, help and exercises you will know how to improve even better and quicker! 

A1 Level Group Classes

Is your vocabulary on beginner level and can you produce basic sentences? Do you want more confidence in speaking and improving your Dutch level? In this group classes we speak and improve our grammar to reach A2 level and above!

Beginner (Ao) Mastercourse

Are you new to Dutch, know very little or want a refresher? Then this mastercourse will have everything you can think of to reach A1 level. Through 8 themes, 24 video lessons and many exercises you will reach A1 level in no time!!

A2+ Level Group Classes

You can already have basic conversations, but when it comes to certain topics or deeper conversations, you get stuck. In these group classes you improve your level and most common speaking mistakes.

Pronunciation Project Course

Do Dutchies have a tough time understanding you? Do they tell you how this sound should be different, but you can get it? This course focuses on all the different sounds and exceptions so that you can nail them and your speaking skills!

The face behind 'Dutch with Joyce'

Hoi, ik ben Joyce and some of you know me better as ‘juf Joyce’. I am a certified Dutch teacher and Life Coach, living in Melbourne, Australia. 

From a young age, I was obsessed by other cultures, languages and traveling. I always wanted to know what things meant in other languages and it is not strange that I now have learned 8 different languages. 

Why am I helping kids, teenagers and adults learn Dutch today? Because I believe that everyone is capable of learning a language. And quite honestly should learn a second language as it has amazing benefits. But most of all, because I have found a valuable way to improve your Dutch over time. In a way that is fun and understandable, so you can speak Dutch with confidence.

Do you have no idea where to begin? Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? I see you! Are you stuck in finding the right way to actually speak Dutch, or do you want someone to practice with and can help you to become better? I got you! Together we will improve your Dutch as a great skill to have for many years to come!


What is your level of dutch?

Do this FREE quiz and discover where you are currently at with your Dutch. Determine your level in just 30 questions and learn how you can improve your Dutch straight away!

What students say


1:1 classes

"I really like Joyce's classes. They're helpful and fun and she explains things to me very easily. I mostly struggle with the sentence structure, and this has improved so much since starting with Joyce"


Kids classes

"I am very impressed with your lesson style. Siena was a bit shy, but she said she really enjoyed it and hopefully she get more confident each lesson... Siena said it was the most fun lesson up until now! She really liked playing market"


1:1 classes

"Joyce makes her classes really structured and easy for me to follow. It just makes sense. I can ask her anything and she will easily explain them to me. She has great patience and helps me to feel at ease in her classes when I find things difficult."