I help English speaking children & adults
joyfully and confidently speak and learn Dutch.

About Joyce

Growing up, I’ve always been curious about different cultures and languages. Learning was and still is one of my favorite things to do. A day learning something new and be in amazement, is a day well lived.

The curiosity didn’t stop when I was in high school studying 6 languages and patiently teaching gramma to other students. When traveling, I’d always make an effort to learn some basic sentences of the countries I visited. The joy it brings to me and locals, is something that never gets old.

It is no wonder that I would become a language teacher, teaching many students the joy, structure, culture and everything beyond just Dutch words.

Joy in Learning

Online learning has some amazing advantages, one of them being that you can literally learn from anywhere and anytime.

This is beneficial, because you can create a comfortable and safe learning environment for yourself. Your mind will therefore be more open to learn and to recall your material. There are fun, engaging tools I use that you won’t be able to use in offline classes. In this way, learning will never be boring!

Lastly, following my classes will be fun, relaxed and personal. I create my classes for you and groups are small so you get the most out of them and learn Dutch faster!

"Learning a language is not only learning different words for the same things,
but learning a different way to think about things."

Facts about me

  • I was born and raised in Nijmegen (oldest city of the Netherlands) and moved to Australia in 2017.
  • I love penguins, and this results in people sending me pictures and giving me gifts with anything penguin related.
  • I think in songs and love to use this when teaching as well.
  • I love yoga and going to the gym. Pretty much anything that involves being active.
  • My favorite place is the beach, though I also enjoy hikes in foresty areas.
  • I really like to be silly and do childlike things like playing in a playground and dance.
  • I am a foodie and love to go for brunch. I used to even cater dinner for my colleagues!


"I am very impressed with your lesson style. Siena was a bit shy, but she said she really enjoyed it and hopefully she get more confident each lesson... Siena said it was the most fun lesson up until now! She really liked playing market"


"I really like Joyce’s classes. They’re helpful and fun and she explains things to me very easily. I mostly struggle with the sentence structure, and this has improved so much since starting with Joyce"


"I think what you have done so far has really made a difference, he does occasionally say some things he learnt from his classes with you :). Thank you so much for your patience with Sam, he can be a real chatterbox! You're doing a wonderful job as his Dutch tutor."


"Joyce makes her classes really structured and easy for me to follow. It just makes sense. I can ask her anything and she will easily explain them to me. She has great patience and helps me to feel at ease in her classes when I find things difficult."

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Why Learn with Joyce?


Aside from personal, tailored classes, you practice your Dutch with me like talking to a friend.


My most mentioned quality. I take time for you, so you can learn in a relaxed environment at your pace.

Life Coach

As a certified life coach, I coach my students to learn in a way that works for them and remove any blockages.


The number one rule for learning: make it fun and interesting, so you really enjoy learning Dutch!

Learn Dutch with Joyce

Private Classes

One-on-one classes tailored to your needs, learning goals, pace and style so that you can learn better and speak Dutch fluently with confidence and joy.

Group Classes

Join small group classes (beginner to intermediate) and learn Dutch with others. Speak in a safe environment with like minded people.


Self paced courses to easily plan into your own time. Work on your own pace with clear and fun exercises that makes learning Dutch joyous.

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