Small group classes with maximum 8 people for a personal touch, and the ability to speak with others.


Learn in a group & speak confidently

This approach helps you to work together in a group, getting to know more people in the community and to practice and learn with others. In this way you can understand and listen to different accents as well as talk to multiple people.

This approach is for you if you:

☑ want to learn with others
☑ want to hear and be around different accents
☑ want to meet new and like-minded people
☑ are a people’s person!
☑ are on a tighter budget
☑ prioritise group conversations over 1:1 help and attention

Dutch Group Lessons Online

Group lessons are a great way to meet and speak with other people. Because there are different accents in the group, you’ll get used easily to understand Dutch better whilst talking about different daily conversation topics.

Classes are focused mostly on speaking while naturally learning new vocabulary and understanding grammar and pronounciation. Reading and writing are also included within your homework.

Speak Dutch as a second language

As a fanatic learner myself, I know what it is to learn a new language. That’s why I am patient and making learning fun so that you can recognise the language and structure the best way. 

Lessons are one hour, include all material and are held on Zoom. 

You can also choose to do lessons with a family member or a friend that has a similar level. 

Beginner Group Classes

  • Weekly, hourly classes
  • A1 – A2: Tuesdays 7.15 – 8.15pm
  • AUD$ 275 (10 classes incl. GST)
    July 2 – September 3 2024
  • Ideal for improving your first steps into the Dutch language, to get from A1 to A2. You already know the Dutch basics and want to improve your vocabulary and speaking.
  • Including all material and lessons personally tailored to your learning goals

Intermediate Group Classes

  • Weekly, hourly classes 
  • A2+ Intermediate: Thursdays 7.00 – 8.00pm AEDT
  • AUD$ 275 (10 classes incl. GST)
    July 4 – September 5
  • Ideal for improving your already established Dutch, set at A2 to B2. You feel comfortable speaking Dutch, but want to evolve your grammar and on deeper conversations.
  • Including all material and lessons personally tailored to your learning goals

Interested in full A0 Beginner Group Lessons?

Check out my Complete Beginner Self-Paced Course. An online course full of videos, audio, exercises
and games to learn Dutch at your own pace and in your own time,
but with the guidance of me in 8 live Zoom Group Classes + Conversation Classes. 


I use a blend of different methods based on the language level, goals and interests my students have. For adults I mostly use De Opmaat/De Sprong/De Finale as well as Spreektaal and Melkweg. For children I use Hotel Hallo, NT2 Praat Mee and Veilig Leren Lezen. 

When in doubt, please reach out and we will have a chat to see which option is best for you. 

In general, beginner classes are for anyone who hasn’t learned Dutch yet or wants to be able to make themselves clear in daily conversations. Intermediates are able to understand Dutch in daily conversations and create conversations on their own. You want to extend your vocabulary and deepen your knowledge and grammatical correctness. 

Like with anything you learn, you will need regular practice to keep growing. My classes are your gym for learning Dutch ;). I highly recommend to continue your classes for the terms to come. Not only to keep regular practice, but also because I’ve seen how much fun it is to practice with the same group. There is also a possibility to do holiday classes. 

Lessons are always send to you (the day) after your class. This means you can view the lessons and self study the class so you are prepared for next week! 

I teach online via Zoom. That means I can teach you from literally anywhere in the world! Most of my students live in Australia (I’m from Melbourne!), but I do have students in other countries. Group classes are scheduled in the evening times for Australia, so you can easily join after work.

The group classes are a one payment only. However, if you do have financial difficulty and still want to join, send me an email to dutchwithjoyce@gmail.com to discuss. Money should never be in the way of learning!

I love teaching kids and this is how I started out as a Dutch teacher. Kind of my jam! 

I have kids enrolled in small groups after school time. If you kid(s) are on the same level, they would be more than happy to have new students joining along :). Fill out the intake form and I’ll get back to you with the possibilities!

Homework is totally optional. I know most of my students lead beautiful, busy lives and are happy to have a lesson a week and focus on that. 

You can build on where we left off in our group classes, however you will find that you’ll benefit doing some self-study at home when in a group setting. I do recommend to practice daily by using Duolingo, talking to a Dutch partner/family member etc. or put Dutch music or a podcast or video on. Happy to recommend you something! 

Not sure how to pronounce each letter and sound in Dutch?

Start your journey with this pronunciation sheet that will show you every letter & sound we have in Dutch, including how to phonetically pronounce it and words to learn.

“I can highly recommend Joyce as a Dutch teacher- she is AMAZING and super patient.“


Learn Dutch with Joyce

Yes, I would like to learn in a group

Perfect! Fill out the intake form and I will get back to you as soon as possible so we can get you enrolled in the group classes.

I would like to do 1:1 classes!

One-on-one classes tailored to your needs, learning goals, pace and style so that you can learn better and speak Dutch fluently with confidence and joy.

Learn at your own pace

Self paced courses to easily plan into your own time. Work on your own pace with clear and fun exercises that makes learning Dutch joyous.

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