Dutch Language Mastery Blueprint

Your Path to Fluency. Create real results and real progress with your personal learning assessment.

Unlock Your Dutch Language Potential

Are you ready to transform your Dutch language skills and embark on a journey to linguistic fluency? Do you want to overcome the overwhelm, break down language barriers, and conquer the mindset challenges that have held you back? If your answer is a resounding “YES,” you’re in the right place.

Perhaps you have thought before, I really need to learn Dutch. It is a small idea that has been brewing in you for a while, but you have never taken any action on it. Until you got to this page and realised that you need help with learning Dutch. 

Or you’ve been practicing for a while, but you feel lost, unmotivated, or overwhelmed as you hear yourself say: “Dutch is waaaaay too difficult to learn”.

Have you ever thought about that thoughts like: “I should be doing this” and “Dutch is too hard to learn” are actually keeping you from learning the language competently? 

These thoughts are normal and understandable. But what we think, we become. So the more you think this language is difficult, the more difficult it seems. The more you think you can’t learn it, the truer it becomes. 

Yet people are able to learn Dutch quickly and easily. For them it comes so naturally.

Introducing Our Personal Learning Assessment: A Path to Fluency

Ever wondered why it comes to naturally to people to learn Dutch? 

Yes, it might help that they know more languages. Or that they have been learning longer than you. 

But it is definitely not because they are smarter or that it comes easier to them. 


The secret is a combination of mindset and how we learn. 

The reason why you haven’t mastered Dutch yet, might be because you aren’t in the right mindset and space yet. Or that you haven’t learned your best way to learn.

I understand that language learning can be a daunting adventure. And I know that you are unique, with individual strengths, challenges, and aspirations.

That’s why I’ve crafted a Personal Learning Assessment designed to empower you on your Dutch language journey.

Where you align and combine your mindset together with your prior knowledge and a learning style that suits you best, so you can finally master Dutch as well! 

Your Investment: $150 AUD for a 1.5-Hour In-Depth Assessment

Including an extensive test before assessment and a personal learning plan. 
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From 1 to 8 languages in 20 years

Over the last 20 years, I have studied and learned 8 different languages. From Dutch to English and from Spanish to Urdu. Call me a language nerd if you like. 

Thanks to my capability to discover patterns, I have noticed many similar patterns, even in languages that seem far apart. I recognize relations between Spanish and Urdu and English is even 1/3 Germanic, meaning that 1/3 of your English knowledge is Copy & Paste onto Dutch. 

I have gone through all the language learning, so that you don’t have to discover the best way to learn. Over the last 5 years, I have taught and coached many students. For all of them Dutch became so much more than just learning a language. 

They integrated the culture, became part of a community and more so, they developed themselves as better human beings. Feeling proud of every step they’ve taken, become more confident as they speak Dutch every single time. 

And that is what I wish for you too. A simpler way of learning Dutch, with more fun and a learning style that suits you and your life. 

Let’s go through a deep dive together where we work together to create a structured plan and way of learning that successfully gets you to fluency.

What to Expect:

Comprehensive Language Assessment

We'll evaluate your Dutch language skills, covering speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This isn't just a test; it's a conversation about where you are, where you want to be and how you get there.

Personal Learning Plan

I will craft a tailored learning plan just for you. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. It's about addressing your specific needs and goals. To increase your motivation for learning the language and lightbulb moments that will excell your learning.

Mindset Mastery

We'll tackle the mindset challenges that have been holding you back. Say goodbye to the fear of making mistakes, lack of confidence, and overwhelm. Say hello to motivation, confidence, and a clear vision for your Dutch journey.

A Vision for Success

By the end of your assessment, you'll not only have a plan but a vision. With your own language test, assessment and structured plan, you have everything you need to also achieve succes in learning Dutch, with the right tools and my support by your side.

Why Choose Dutch with Joyce:

Native Dutch Speaker​

I am a native Dutch speaker, ensuring an authentic learning experience. I not only know how to speak the language, but I am a patriot at heart, ready to immerse you with the utter most Dutch phrases and culture.

Certified Dutch Teacher

With over 5 years of experience, I bring the expertise needed to guide you. Speaking a language is one, having the patience & ability to teach a language in a fun manner is second. That is what I do best.

ICF Life Coach

My holistic approach addresses mindset challenges, helping you build confidence and motivation. I have studied and researched how our mind works and learns and created a language learning system.


I focus on tangible results, helping you achieve language fluency and a deeper connection with Dutch culture. Learning with me is so much more than knowing words, it's a new way of living.

“I know a lot of Dutch words, but forming actual sentences, let alone have real life conversations was so confronting! I would always get flustered and go back to English. By doing the extensive test, I knew exactly what to focus on. Now I not only speak on A2 level, but I also am confident to actually speak Dutch, all thanks to Joyce!


“I felt like I was learning for so long, and still stuck on A1 level. I almost lost motivation until I saw this Personal Assessment. Through Joyce's coaching I found renewed energy and motivation to keep going. Now, after 3 months I finally feel like I am going somewhere and I speak Dutch every day!


Ready to Start Your Journey?

Book your Personal Learning Assessment now. This is your opportunity to overcome language barriers, build confidence, and set your course for success. Transform your Dutch language skills, transform your life.
For European customers: click here.

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