Joyful Dutch classes tailored to you

Fall in love with language learning. Learn Dutch the fun way so you are excited with every new word and every sentence your confidently communicate.

About Me

Hi, I am Joyce! A Dutchie living in Melbourne, Australia. With my love for learning, languages and helping people, I became a registered Dutch teacher & life coach, filling my days with joy by teaching kids, teenagers and adults this beautiful language!

Dutch Classes

I offer private one-on-one classes (and/or with family members/friends), group classes and courses for children, teenagers and adults. From beginner to advanced, I teach fun, personalised classed tailored to your learning needs and goals so you love to learn Dutch and speak with confidence.


Speak Dutch fluently with me

Questions whether my classes are for you? Want to get to know me better and have a chat? I love you get to know you!